URGENT / SYRIA – Civilian slaughter by coalition airstrike… again


The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are inching ever closer to the Islamic State’s capital al-Raqqa.

On this 22nd of May 2017, the SDF came within eye-sight on the city itself. The battle for al-Raqqa is dawning and the encirclement is starting to get a stranglehold – supported by Washington’s Coalition airstrikes.

The 24th of May’s attack targeted the village of al-Baruda, located 15 kilometres from al-Raqqa city and home to many displaced people. Many of them fled the Russian and Syrian government’s air-force from Eastern Homs before being accidentally targeted by the Coalition.

Out of the 16 causalities, 13 came from the same family including parents and their small children…

While the world mourns the victims of the Manchester bombing questions must be raised about the usefulness of the Coalition’s ever increasing bombings in the wake of the taking of al-Raqqa.

The US led coalition has killed more civilians than Russia and ISIS during the month of March 2017, as the battle for Mosul (Iraq) is coming to the end and the Syrian Islamic State’s capital will soon fall.

However, questions remain about the impact the war has on innocents and on the future stability of the region.


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