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Tortures, rapes and threats in prisons. Arbitrary arrests covered by an obeying judicial authority. Enforced disappearances. Military repression of the Kurdish claim. Arrests of Human Rights activists. Bans on opposition media; confinements, intimidations and evictions of foreign journalists… The autocratic drift inexorably continues in Turkey, whilst the international community remains indifferent.Whereas the rare intellectuals who show themselves more critical towards the regime seek exile one after the other, so as not to end up in a jail, blindness is generalized and the great majority of the Turkish citizens acts as if hypnotized by the lengthy speeches of their guru…

But perhaps they adhere in fact, in true conscience, to the political and religious project which is happening in their country. There might be some interest in rethinking the question from such a perspective…

This is the current image of this big Muslim nation, chronically ill of its latent form of Islam. The Turkish army, formerly guarantor for the principles of the laic democracy built at the turning point of the post-World War I period, was not any more capable of containing it and of reducing it, as it did regularly throughout the 20th century; this Islam re-appeared with more virulence than previously due to the perverse skill of the partisans of a fashionable Islamic State, the Muslim Brotherhood, and since Recep Tayyip Erdogan took the leadership of Turkey.

For now, no more obstacles seem to be able to prevent the Islamists of reaching their purposes; and they show political arrogance, uninhibited and without restraint, defying the European Union and adding to their haughtiness with new provocations every time a voice denounces their abuses.

So, there is something surprising happening in Turkey that the observers did not see coming and which suddenly appears today, and some have not yet grasped its full extent. A rather extraordinary thing, if we judge it by the global failure of the “Arab Spring”…

Whereas the Muslim Brotherhood was straightaway flattened in Syria, then ejected from Egypt by a merciless military dictatorship after they had however believed it was their time, and after they have difficulty in standing up in the elections in Tunisia… With the conquest of Turkey, it is one of the most powerful countries of the Arab-Muslim World that the brotherhood has seized.

In addition, contrary to the situation which prevailed in Cairo after the election of Mohamed Morsi, Reccep Tayip Erdogan and the AKP do not have to be afraid of the reaction of any opposition forces!

The great adventure of the Islamic State in its “soft” version has begun…

We will see… Who will live!


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