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Turkey, the Orient’s fallen archangel…

What a strange combination, which unites the Republic of Turkey and the Islamic State… as the result of daring politics… seemingly at least…

A wandering, which, over the last three years, has lead Ankara from one extreme to the other…

From complete disdain for the “Arab spring” to a proclaimed will to become the new pivot of the Arab-Muslim world.

Turkey’s absence from the great Libyan carnival did not go unnoticed. The full boatloads of boxes of red pennants with white crescents were just left in their cardboard boxes on a corner of the quay of Benghazi, abandoned by the disgusted insurgents.

Further, Turkey’s unconditional romance with Damascus and its barely veiled –no pun intended– support for the Syrian revolution.

From its old acquaintance with Washington and the beautiful Brussels –whose love never really was true– towards a de facto alliance with the Islamic State, whose Jihadist networks have already begun to hit the Atlantist capitals –a club to which the unworthy (or not) heir to Atatürk adhered, certainly not due to the chance of history…

Without taking into account the complex game of treason and poisonous friendships, which the Ottoman since always has practiced; especially when he leans on the case, which henceforth finds itself at the centre of all preoccupations: that of hypothetical Kurdistan. Perhaps one day independent, but divided, pulled at, rolled around, between Shi’ite Iran, supporting the Souleymaniêh faction and allied to those of Syria, but both being hostile to the arrant mischievous master of Erbil, best friends with Erdogan (key: PUK; PKK and PYK; and Massoud Barzani, President of the KDP – all Kurds, all hostile allegiances).

The Republic of Turkey, as a well-willing crook, stocks up on black gold as a customer of those religious fanatics who shout unrest on their borders; Turkey plays Mister Magic with two faces in this daring game, for the first black President of the new Babylonia which, apart from his innate sense of communication –which slowly loses its positive effect on how his political action is viewed– will not leave anything in History –always her…- apart from the image of a grey-toned puppet, subject to the dictates of Tel-Aviv.

Ankara, still a member of NATO has paradoxically joined the Shanghai Pact, an organisation, which since the end of the 1990s has progressively renewed the bipolarisation of international politics. With Russia, China and Iran as leaders, it aspires to be an increasingly active counter-balance to the Eastern advance of the Atlantic Alliance and to “American Imperialism” in the Middle East, as well as the US Dollar as global safe currency.

Who understands, in the Middle East, the policy of the promising archangel definitely fallen because of its inconsequence?

Today, the small Ottoman chick does not inspire any more trust: after betraying too often in all directions, Ankara, who wanted to –hoped to!– replace Cairo in its role as major diplomatic –and military?– hub of the region now finds itself like an old madam, calculating how to resolve its energetic deficit, prostituting herself without really knowing –or at least we should hope so– to the Islamic State, whilst embroidering lace, black of the dried blood of Syrian rebels…

And she isolated herself on domestic worries, family issues, which as so often in the country of lokum, are resolved late in the evening after some glasses of fermented raki and some tears shed in the memory of Atatürk.

The poor old hero! But let us not complain too much, however, remembering the massacre of Greek Christians of burned-out Smyrna, which history –there she is again– has cautiously managed to forget. It was with the help of the Kurdish pack –how teasing History can be– working together with the great secular bringer of democracy.

Secularity, rebellion of students and miners, government repression, forced disappearings, mothers who implore Erdogan to return their husbands who were arrested by the police forces and never released, as well as their sons taken by the same and who have not returned… Erdogan has no lessons to be taught by his illustrious predecessor, head of such a barbaric state. This predecessor also progressively came to the idea of unipartism (there certainly are some skeletons in the closet)… additionally, already in Ankara, the small man with a moustache has to come up against the first setbacks of a wild liberalism that did not live up to its expectations.

Usually, only a war helps a government to wriggle free of such moral and political bankruptcy.


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