ISLAMIC STATE – ISIS or the dictatorship? That’s the question…


Every ISIS member is a Muslim, but not every Muslim is an ISIS member.

Al-Qaeda is a word associated with the World Trade Center attacks in New York back on September 11th 2001. The members of this organization are Islamic extremists and were trained and supplied with weapons by the CIA to fight the Russians in Afghanistan, the truth that no one dares to deny. If we go back in time a little we can see that this organization turned against their American supporters after Russia was pushed out of Afghanistan.

The Arab Spring was spreading among the Arab countries one by one to topple the dictatorships in these countries. However, things started to get ugly when the Arab Spring reached Syria. The Syrian demonstrators were peaceful in the beginning and all they wanted was to get rid of the dictator Bashar Al-Assad. The Dictator then resorted to the use of deadly and destructive force to suppress the demonstrators.

The result was thousands of casualties among the innocent civilian population, although all they wanted was to have their rights. This is exactly the point where the terrorists came onto the scene to use their wicked ideologies to poison the innocent people’s brains. The People who are in deep grief for their loved ones, murdered by the dictator’s forces. The pretense is very simple and it is easy to convince these hopeless people to join them, luring them with the promise that the Jihadists will help them to get their lost rights back and to take revenge for their lost loved ones.

This time the Scenario was totally different from anything we knew before.

The result was something growing and spreading fast in a way that the whole world was in shock, watching how this terrorist group was spreading and winning supporters from around the world. The spreading fighters group call themselves ISIS which stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Sham and many fighters in this group were fighters in Al Qaeda before. They gained victories in battles, one after another in fast paced move and their state was expanding like the cancer in the body of an old person. ISIS members were different from everything we knew before in the sense that if they are skilled in something, then it would be killing. They are excellently brutal and merciless not only with their enemies but even with the citizens of their state. The citizens who they claimed in the beginning that they are here to help them get their rights back. It was truly disappointing for the suppressed people to realize that they have gained nothing from the Islamic State but publically hanged and beheaded people by ISIS.

The hate for ISIS now is even more than the hate for the dictator himself.

This could be realized if we just paid a little more attention to how fast ISIS is losing the battles in Iraq and shrinking back to where they first started in Syria.

If this can interpret something it would definitely be proof that the different parties in one country might disagree with each other but they definitely stand together against ISIS who could win the lands and battles but not the hearts of the people because of their brutalism.


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