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Twenty years ago, on April 11, 2002, many Venezuelans went out to fight for the freedom of our nation, that day we achieved. Two days later the long-awaited freedom was taken from us. 20 years later, General Raúl Baduel, right-hand man of Hugo Chávez and who returned him to power, died at the hands of Nicolás Maduro’s regime in the prison and torture center known as “El Helicoide”.

When Hugo Chávez returned to power he arrived with feelings of anger and revenge, to this date and since 2002 there are still several political prisoners, people who were doing their job such as being a policeman. He began to persecute, lock up and kill all opponents. Baduel is not the only one to blame for our tragedy, so is the Democratic Coordinator, which has only changed its names and continues with the same collaborating politicians of the regime.

Of Chavez and Maduro.All the times that they have failed to regain their freedom, it has been because the supposed opposition and/or government infiltrators have betrayed the missions and the people belonging to these missions who have been brutally tortured and several people have been murdered. It is no secret that no Venezuelan politician wants a free nation since they are benefiting from the misfortune of the Venezuelan people, they receive multimillion-dollar humanitarian aid payments, they create false NGOs to supposedly help Venezuelans and no person has received benefits so far.

We have the most recent case of Juan Guaido, together with his political group, they stole humanitarian aid and betrayed hundreds of soldiers, leaving them alone in exile without financial aid, others even without proper documentation.

Leaving aside the bad political situation, we are also harmed by the socialism that is in the DNA of Venezuelans, believing in rentier models for more than 60 years with the political parties AD, COPEI and now PSUV where the rich became richer and the poor poorest, (social Christian and social democratic political parties).For some reason, General Francisco de Miranda, known as the forerunner of American emancipation against the Spanish empire, said: “Bochinche, bochinche, these people don’t know how to do anything but bochinche.”

Understand by “Bochinche” as a confused and disorderly situation.

After 200 years, most Venezuelans are still the same, complaining, receiving crumbs, receiving mistreatment inside and outside the country. It is easier for them to close their eyes and turn their back on Venezuela than to fight for freedom. When they are told that they are socialists, they get offended and say that Chavismo was the one who started this model, when previous governments always even subsidized gasoline. The government of Carlos Andrés Pérez in 1989 tried to increase it and that was when the riots called “Caracazo” began on February 27 of that same year, which from the current point of view, everything was organized to create chaos and give it a coup against the president, which in the end did not work. succeed. ,

but the people elected the military coup leader of 1998, and it was Chávez himself who won the presidency. The Cubans warned and asked that he not be elected for being a soldier with Castroist tendencies, however the companies, all the universities gave their support.

After this, he betrayed them by closing and expropriating the companies. It stopped injecting money into universities and education in general, which is why Venezuelan teachers are very poorly paid.It destroyed the main institutions such as health, education and the military, added to this the political ideology of most of these institutions is socialism and communism so it was very easy to undermine them. For these moments there are professors, doctors, nurses and soldiers who surprisingly defend Chavismo-Madurismo even with the current crisis.

To rescue Venezuela, a change of mentality is first needed, the crisis is not only political, it is social. “Presidents are the reflection of society”, sadly.


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