Concerns over Lebanon


In General citizens are often asked if they are optimisitic or pessimesting regarding the future of the country that they reside in. Using that critieria one can monitor media and not have a positive view of the Country.

There is one potential piece of positive news. The US has mediated in the Maritime Security talks that the country has with Israel. The optimistic part is that a new deal could actually impact the neverending energy crisis by allowing Lebanon to have access to the large Eastern Med Natural Gas field that Israel partners with Egypt, Greece and Cyprus. There is a shadow however as it can be seen as throwing a lifeline to Hizbullah.

However as with most countries that seem to be in a state of perpetual crisis. Or to be more succint the Doom & Gloom often creates headlines. Some of them include:

The Presidential Elections. During the UNGA meetings in New York US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called for this to be conducted urgently. Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri is expected to call a session to elect a President by the end of September. The mandate of current President Michel Aoun expires on Halloween (October 31st) But there are some serious challenges in store for his successor.

The Financial Crisis has had a negative impact on the lives of the ordinary citizen. The freezing of all bank accounts has led to videos of average citizens going into financial institutions at gun point to try and access their funds to pay for medical bills and other daily necessities. That is a good way to chase off any potential investors.

Another concern is the slow pace of Justice regarding the explosion that took place at the Port of Beirut in 2020. The investigation into this disaster which was promised to be impartial and has led to several lawsuits has proven to be a challenge to the legal system. Both France and the EU have offered to assist in the investigations while there have been calls for the United States to assist in the investigation as well. Necessity should make the efforts to have the EU and the US to provide the results of their investigations to assist the Lebanese Judiciary.

Earlier this summer a plan was announced to return Refugees fleeing the Syrian Civil War that are currently being housed in both Lebanon and Jordan home. It has been reported that the financial crisis within Lebanon has been a factor for those Syrian who have voluntarly returned back to Syria.

There are plenty of reasons to continue to monitor the situation within Lebanon. The geopolitical situation in the Middle East and its location allow it to be impacted negatively by any conflict in the region. Hasn’t the country suffered enough?


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